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W X 7

The "W x 7" challenge is designed to encourage you to have fun with your style while minimizing your wardrobe. With the W Dress, we want to challenge you to create a 7 piece capsule wardrobe, style into 7 different looks for 7 days. Need some inspiration? See below.

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1. Choose any 7 pieces of clothing from your wardrobe, include the W dress as one of the 7 items. (Feel free to include shoes in the 7 pieces to up the ante.)

2. Style those items into 7 different looks that works with your style.

3. Have fun! Who knows, it might even inspire some closet cleaning. ;)

ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE? Sweet! Share your look from each day on Instagram using the hashtag #wx7challenge. We'll share your looks on our Instagram page and website to inspire others!

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Image Credit: Instagram @leevosburgh.

Image Credit: Instagram @leevosburgh.


Consider the formula below as a starting guide. Any items from categories below will count toward your 7 items. For example:

1 DRESS (W Dress)
COATS (weather dependent)
SHOES (optional)

Image credit: FloriNi on Imgur

Image credit: FloriNi on Imgur


  1. Challenge yourself to pick out the 7 pieces in under 30 minutes. Check the weather. 

  2. Go for neutrals: denim, black, white, and grey. Feel free to include a pattern or a standout piece and accessorize with color.

  3. Pick out versatile items. Think about the fit and how they will layer together.

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